Temperature Logging Systems

Temperature data loggers are predominantly used for temperature control of shipments, refrigerators and warehouses, the data logger save temperature and time values that can be evaluated on the PC later. Temperature data loggers are available in different versions and sizes.

Data loggers are used to monitor the performance of temperature within the Cold Chain Boxes during transit. They are used to monitor temperatures at several different locations within an insulated package and also to record the external ambient temperature for comparison. Ambient temperatures vary therefore the packaging insulation must be able to withstand this variance.

Packaging configurations are supplied to ensure a constant temperature range is maintained within the Cold Chain Box during transit. AFRICAN BOX WORKS (ABW) can provide Cold Chain boxes with Ice packs for the transportation of Specimen samples. These boxes will maintain temperatures between 2- 8 degrees. The boxes will be tested and validated. Previous tests on ABW cold chain boxes have been done and up to 90 hours on certain sizes have been validated.

AFRICAN BOX WORKS are able to supply you with all your packaging requirements, from Cold Chain Boxes with Custom Branding and Specifications to Gel Packs, Die Cut boxes, Temperature Loggers, Testing and Validations, Printed Tape, Packaging Tape, Labels, Bubblewrap, Palletwrap and Wiggly Worms. If we don’t have it we will source it for you.