Insulated Shipping Containers

AfricanBoxWorks manufacture containers combined with Gel and Ice packs as they provide superior maintenance of internal payload temperatures for long periods of time, even under extreme weather conditions. They're an ideal choice to maintain your expensive payloads between 2°C to 8°C during demanding shipping conditions. These lightweight, one-piece, moulded polyurethane packaging containers are held in an outer corrugated box sealed at the top with a rigid polyurethane friction fitting lid.


Insulated Shipping for products that present unique shipping difficulties due to temperature requirements can now be shipped safely.

Our insulated shipping boxes will help maintain a constant cool temperature when used with the proper amount of frozen gel packs or ice. Used for medical transports and critical part shipments as well.

Insulated Shippers

AfricanBoxWorks shipping systems provide superior protection against heat damage and withstand rough handling during extended shipments. These systems extend shipping times and enable expansion to global markets, reduce refrigerant requirements and permit the use of smaller and lighter packaging.

Gel Packs

AfricanBoxWorks Gel Ice Pack refrigerants and phase change materials provide thermal solutions for shipping temperature, critical packages during transit. Available in a selection of styles and sizes, they’re designed to provide reliable, temperature protection for a vast array of products and packages.