Eco Cooler Boxes

AfricanBoxWorks‘ industry leading pre–qualified ECO COOLER boxes are manufactured in house from the highest quality grade polyurethane material available on the market. Used with the proper amount of frozen gel packs ECO COOLER boxes will help maintain a constant required temperature and provide superior protection against heat damage and withstand rough handling during extended temperature sensitive shipments.ECO COOLER boxes are available in a variety of different standard sizes.

Custom ECO COOLER boxes sizes can be developed, branded and manufactured on request as per client’s specifications and needs.

Container TypeContainer Inner SizeCarton Outer SizeInsulationPacking Configuration
ABW3Lt170x140x130mm318x178x184mm15mm30 per Pallet
ABW4Lt245x140x130mm283x178x184mm15mm30 per Pallet
ABW4.5Lt215x140x170mm273x198x234mm25mm24 per Pallet
ABW10Lt240x170x250mm308x238x324mm30mm27 per Pallet
ABW13Lt295x200x155mm343x248x214mm20mm30 per Pallet
ABW22Lt390x240x235mm458x308x309mm30mm18 per Pallet
KEY25Lt330x330x215mm378x378x284mm20mm16 per Pallet
ABW46Lt500x310x285mm568x378x359mm30mm12 per Pallet
KEY46Lt520x330x240mm568x378x319mm20mm12 per Pallet
ABW80Lt480x390x400mm558x468x479mm35mm4 per Pallet
ABW110Lt480x480x460mm575x575x578mm40mm4 per Pallet
ABW130Lt490x395x400mm625x530x548mm60mm4 per Pallet